Minnie Small
Minnie Small
Illustrator, Youtuber, DIYer
For any business inquiries, proposals or commission information, you can reach me by email. Or reach out to me through any of my social sites with your comments and questions. Additionally, for sponsorships or endorsements in my youtube videos, contact me through famebit or by email

Hey guys, I’m Minnie and I draw things.

I am an artist born and raised in south-east London, an area rich with the edgy, fresh vibe that runs through my artwork. As well as tattoos, comics and a blend of pop and hip-hop culture, I draw inspiration from the vibrant city around me and the experiences to be found within it and I love to share my favourite bits plus the artwork that those bits inspire.

I’m also keen to share tips and stories from other aspects of life. When I’m not drawing, I love getting hands-on with DIY projects, decorating, sewing, upcyling; general making and mending. Some might call me thrifty. I think I prefer the term ‘resourceful’.

All of these things come together in my videos. When I was eight, I started making ‘Art Attack’ style art and craft demo ‘tv shows’ with my best friend (featuring our weekly special guest The Egg and his arch nemesis The Avocado-who was actually a cucumber??) so I suppose my move to publishing art demos and lifestyle videos on YouTube was a natural next step. My subscriber and follower count grows every day and I cherish every video viewer and blog reader and art sharer. Of all the things that inspire me, their support is what drives me the most.