Quick Review + Guide · The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

If you’re into illustration, cartooning or hand lettering, you’ve probably seen the Pentel Pocket Brush around a lot before. And I’m sure you’ve seen some amazing  pieces of work, crediting this pen in their creation. So, you probably want to know what it can do for you and your work. What it’s capable of? It’s strengths and weaknesses?

The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is one of the most popular brush pens on the market for illustration and calligraphy. And, having tried a couple of alternatives within the same price range, I can see why. Retailing for less than £10 and endlessly refillable, this pen delivers professional level quality on a budget.

Rather than using a brush shaped felt tip like many other ‘brush pens’, this one gives you the freedom of varied line thicknesses and textures with heavily pigmented, waterproof ink flowing smoothly and easily through nylon bristles. It performs like an actual paintbrush, only it’s so much more convenient.

You only have to browse through a couple of my drawings and paintings to see that the Pentel Pocket Brush is my absolute go-to. What sells it for me is the way it can transform my drawings almost by itself. Applying different amounts of pressure at varied speeds, letting the pen flow as it naturally does, gives my drawings a free and effortless feel and I always end up with the fun, cartoony look that I’m after.

Is it perfect? Honestly, not quite. Covering large areas all at once can be tricky as the ink sometimes doesn’t flow quickly enough to keep up with your strokes giving a ‘dry brush’ look. However, with this being one of the only flaws I can find with the Pentel Brush Pen (the same one I’ve been using almost every day for over a year) I don’t think that its place as my number one favourite drawing tool will be easily challenged.

To see the pen in action, check out my video review and demo:

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